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UVISA Immigration has partnered with companies all over New Zealand and skilled talent from all over the world to help companies with their staffing solutions and see migrants achieve their New Zealand dream.

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Employer Accreditation​ and Renewal

All employers who support migrant workers for visas must be accredited with Immigration New Zealand. Employers must also be accredited if employing the partners of skilled workers.


When seeking a work visa for staff, there are now three steps required;

  1. Obtain employer accreditation as a viable and compliant employer
  2. Obtain Job Tokens to fill vacancies by having any roles assessed as genuine and valid. In some cases, this requires listing the role and showing local candidates cannot fill it.
  3. International candidate uses a Job Token to seek a work visa to take up the offer of work.

How can UVISA Immigration help with the new Employer Accreditation process?

Employer Accreditation

Employers need to seek the right kind of Employer Accreditation, depending on their size. We can assess your business needs and recommend the right kind of accreditation for you. We will guide you through the accreditation process, prepare your application and managing through to a successful outcome. See details here: INZ Video on Employer Accreditation

Job Check

Once accredited, employers need to complete a Job Check to show local candidates cannot fill the role. We can help you navigate the red tape to convince the officials that you know best what your business needs are.

Work Visa

Accredited Employers with a valid Job Check can offer work to migrant workers, who will then need to apply for the new AEWV (Accredited Employer Work Visa). UVISA can help with ensuring your candidate’s work visa application is granted without delay and support family member’s visa applications too.

How we can help


The team at UVISA Immigration Specialists are legally-trained specialists who know immigration and employment law and New Zealand businesses needs.



Employer Accreditation requires employers to share commercially-sensitive details of their business model and financial management with government decision-makers. It is essential that you partner with trusted experts who know the process intimately.



Immigration matters are urgent. Finding staff and bringing them into New Zealand takes time, it is crucial that the visa applications are swiftly and correctly prepared. Timeliness is a core  part of the service we offer.

What our clients say

We will take care of the accreditation process and guide you through to a successful outcome.

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